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"Truly the voice of the people." -Orange County

"Courageous and insightful..." -Canada

"Like a beacon of sanity..." -Australia

"Guranteed to change your life." -France

"Her insights are compelling, her understanding of human nature is fascinating, and her wisdom is beyond her years." -Los Angeles

"If she knows anything, she knows people. She knows relationships. I think that's why she's so popular. She just outlines things clearly, gracefully and I think quite witty. It's an easy read. Very clear, very informative and extremely helpful." -Amazon.com

"I get SO excited when I read what you write. It gets me fired up. I hear myself saying, "Yeah!" "That's right!"..." -Los Angeles

"The Time Has Come explains exactly what is happening with West Coast Swing. I thought it was just a Perth dilemma, but it is actually international..." -Australia

"The foremost leader in preserving the essence of swing." -Colorado

"Not just about dance... it's much, much more." -Ventura

"...you don't have to be a dancer to benefit from the words... The book encourages boundaries that are meaningful in all communities." -Alaska

"Thank you so much for giving us a voice and encouragement." -Canada

"Her teacher background is very beneficial. What she says made sense. It's basically a call for honesty and forthrightness. A "dance intervention," if you will." -Sacramento

 "Awesome! There's so much information in one Weekly Note..." -Finland

"Thank you for listening to the call and being willing and able to stand up and fight. I salute you." -New York

"She presented everything without an obvious bias or pithy attitude." -Sacramento

"Amazing!" -UK

"Thank you - thank you - thank you!  I absolutely LOVE your Weekly Notes!  I'm so glad to see someone getting these topics addressed in a forthright manner..." -Seattle

"Really enjoying your updates! Continue doing what you're doing..." -Australia

"Katherine, Your writing style.........OMG!!!!  I'm inspired every time I read your newsletter - it's much to do with your craftsmanship of words - such wonderful and inspiring reading." -Fresno

"Invaluable."- Arizona

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